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For the meat processing industry

No waiting times

ICC 25/36

ICC 25/36


ICC 25/36

Effective. Continuous. Extra powerful.

With the ICC 25/36, we reacted to our customers’ increasing needs. With throughput of up to 4000 kg per hour, you are on the fast lane. But we didn’t compromise on slicing quality. The advantage lies in the continuous production flow, as unlike with traditional machines, there are no waiting times caused by having to retract the gripper or open and close the flap.

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  • Up to 500 or 1000 slices/minute (single or double blade operation)
  • Easily integrated into production line
  • Shorter cycles thanks to continuous feeding in of products
  • Start-up system

Slicing result

  • High levels of accuracy even with products containing bones, thanks to MHS microtoothing
  • Exact feed through servo-driven feed belt
  • Forward feed selectable, continuous or step by step
  • Optimized hold of the product through MHS-toothed feeding belt and the product-adapting hold-down belts


  • Strong drive for bone-in products
  • Product recognition enables to divide the product into different sections
  • Single cut function with increased blade speed improves slicing quality at lower production rates
  • Extendable conveyor belt available in different length
  • Diversification of machines in product width


  • Comfortable operation via integrated touch-display
  • 100 programs storeable
  • Adjustable speed from 60 slices/minute
  • Easy removal of all parts relevant for cleaning
  • Complete closed and encapsulated housing
  • Software update and data backup via USB stick

Technical data:

ICC 25 ICC 36
Max. input length (in mm) variable variable
Cross section mm (WxH) 250 x 180 360 x 180
Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm 3600 x 1050 x 1650 3600 x 1230 x 1650
Connection 400 V / 8,5 kW 400 V / 9,4 kW
Weight (in kg) 720 900
Performance single blade slices/minute 500 500
Cutting length in mm 0,5 - 500 0,5 - 500
Suitability industry industry
Start device yes yes
Distribution of remaining slice yes yes
Slicing software yes yes
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MHS Hygiene

MHS Hygiene

We have the highest requirements for hygiene. This enables us to set standards with the design and cleaning of the machine thus saving you valuable time.

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MHS Innovation

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MHS Service

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