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75 cm input length

3 savable programs

For retail

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  • MHS Professional

Supermarket or retail (self-service)

MHS Professional

MHS Professional


MHS Professional

Fast. Adaptable. XXL.

With the MHS Professional you are well equipped for every instance. Be it plaits, stollen, cakes, bread and much more besides - the MHS Professional processes all this with ease. With an input length of up to 75 cm, you reduce your loading times and off-cuts to a minimum.

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  • Slice thickness freely selectable in 0.5 mm steps
  • 3 additional program memory buttons, freely programmable
    (slice thickness, speed, run-on time, return path)
  • Function for cutting numbers of slices
  • Function for dividing and half cutting
  • Hygienic membrane keypad for simple operation
  • Bread measurement with light sensor
  • Maximum slicing quality due to circular round blade cutting
  • Oil-free cutting, also of warm bread
  • Cutting speed adjustable to the product/working process
  • Return path limiting (adjustable to the respective bread length)
  • Automatic flap opening
  • Automatic flap start (selectable)
  • Powerful blade drive (1.5kw) with frequency converter
  • Automatic gripper (optionally available)
  • Slice thickness up to 100 mm (optionally available)

Maximum hygiene due to:

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Removable front cover for easy cleaning of blades and the cutting chamber without having to move the machine
  • Rear wall removable without tools for even easier cleaning of the back cutting chamber
  • Functional parts easily accessible
  • Blade cleaning position
  • Hermetic encapsulation of the drive and electronics in the cutting chamber
  • Discharge belt removable without tool

Efficiency due to:

  • Minimal gripper remainder
  • Extremely durable blade due to special coating and original MHS sharpening
  • Intuitive, straightforward operation
  • Particularly easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance costs as particularly maintenance-friendly
  • Drive with frequency converter protects the mechanical parts (soft start-up, soft stop)
  • Up to 160 slices/min.
MHS Hygiene
MHS Hygiene
MHS Innovation
MHS Innovation
MHS Quality
MHS Quality
Energy saving
Energy saving
quiet cutting
quiet cutting
oil-free cutting
oil-free cutting
warm bread
warm bread

Technical data:

MHS Professional
Dimensions (WxHxD) in cm 260 x 114 x 86,5
Weight (in kg) 320
Suitability all types of bread
Bread passage (WxHxD) in cm 75 x 14-16 x 35
Slice thicknesses (in mm) 4 - 30 (on request up to 100 mm)
Connection 400 V / 2,6 kW
Cutting capacity (slices/min.) 80 - 200
Blade Round blade, ø 420 mm
Kind of machine? Standard machine
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MHS Hygiene

MHS Hygiene

We have the highest requirements for hygiene. This enables us to set standards with the design and cleaning of the machine thus saving you valuable time.

MHS Innovation

MHS Innovation

We are in constant contact with our customers. We detect essential trends and implement them. We know that we are able to ease your workload with our innovations.

MHS Quality

MHS Qualität

Reliability and durability – this is what we are striving for with the development of our machines. Our machines are made by professionals for professionals.

MHS Service

MHS Service

You can rely on MHS after your purchase too. We and our service partners are always close at hand. Just get in touch with us!